Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Special Thanks--August/September Congregationalist

This summer, the First Congregational Scholarship Committee was excited to provide scholarships to the following college students: Kevin Noble, Abigail Labreque, Emma Kukuk, Mina Kukuk and Meghan Schulz.

I am so grateful for the existence of the FCCBC scholarship. My senior year of college is quickly approaching which means that the writing of my senior thesis on German theologian Rudolf Otto is also swiftly approaching. As I gear up to write my thesis, there are many, many books awaiting to be purchased, as well as deconstructed by my multi-colored highlighters and sticky notes.
Thank you so much to the scholarship committee for selecting me as a recipient, to all that made and continue to make this scholarship possible and to FCCBC as a whole for the continued support.
Ever since I was a baby in the nursery, I have been blessed with this community whose generosity knows no end.
Much love and appreciation,
Abbey Labrecque

First Congregational was also able to provide scholarships for students attending Camp Talahi this summer.

Dear Congregational Church,
Thank you for helping to fund my Camp Talahi experience! I had a great time and made tons of friends! I really appreciate your help. I am forever grateful and hope that I can go again next year!
Kaitlyn Lawhead.

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